Pooja For Husband And Wife Good Relationship Aghori Babaji

Pooja For Husband And Wife Good Relationship Aghori Babaji-

Thursday is known as day of Jupiter. On this day Worship of lord Vishnu give you special benefit. Including if we do many little measures as told in our scriptures make peace and calm in our home. The husband and wife who always fight and never got along should do this worship on Thursday.

  1. From Thursday start the measures or solution and perform daily. On Thursday morning take bath in early morning and then put Tilak of saffron on forehead and navel. In addition use saffron in food.
  2. Donate Bundi laddo (sweet), treacle, yellow flower, yellow sandal, banana, spiritual books, yellow color sweet and ghee.
  3. Do worship of Peepal tree, saint and sages (Brahmin).
  4. Starting from day of Thursday daily water in root of peepal.
  5. On Thursday offer yellow color sweet and channa dal.
  6. Render all possible putting chana dal in yellow cloth donate to any poor person.
  7. Take information from any eligible Brahmin and do worship on own. Chant Gurumantra, vishnusahastranaam, and kavach lesson.